The Perfect Office Unicorn

There once was a time when I used to lament the current trajectory of my employers.  I readily joined the band of rowdy hecklers complaining that such and such department was falling short, and management didn’t really understand what us low-on-the-totem-pole people really needed, and if we only had XYZ feature/tool/staff we’d be saved, and why doesn’t anyone listen to me?The Office Unicorn

Then I helped launch and lead a startup.  I saw things from the other side.

You know why all that stuff seems broken? Because it is.  You know why the other department isn’t meeting your personal, fictitious deadlines? Because there are at least 100 hundred other items vying for attention.  Because there’s no money in the bank to fix it.  Because there IS money in the bank but it’s been allocated for something more important. Because you’re not offering to help fix it.  You know why management doesn’t understand you?  Because you’re lousy at making a convincing argument [or they are truly idiots hell-bent on ignoring your brilliance].  That “you” person used to be me.  Sometimes it still is.

Like a unicorn, there’s no such thing as the perfect office, where every person gets exactly what they need, when they need it.  It is hard to channel this “caring” into productive, positive discussion.  Wanting everything to be fixed means you/I care.  That part is incredible. Let’s not stop that.

Only took me about 9 years to figure this out.

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