How To Stand Up For Yourself At Work. Literally.

This is not about how to take control of your destiny or career, or about how to be more confident in the face of professional or personal subjugation.  All of these things could happen, though, as a result of what I’m about to tell you.

I geeked out and went “standing desk” at work, leaving the office chair behind.

Because sitting at work all day is boring, and I just wanted to try it.  And yes, there are standingdeskreports all over the place about the health benefits of standing, like improved circulation, more calorie burning, less back pain, reduced bad hair days, shorter commute times, and increased social media presence. To be fair, there’s probably a mountain of evidence that standing all day is bad for your knees, back, skin, and libido.

This article from Wired on standing desks served as inspiration.  Here’s how I hacked the equipment checklist:

  • The two IKEA Nesting KLUBBO tables sit on top of my existing desk.  I have “borrowed” these from our reception area.  Otherwise they’d cost you $80.
  • Gel handrests for both the keyboard and the mouse.   Must have or the desk cuts into your arms.  Any kind will do.  $5-10.
  • Lets Gel anti-fatigue mat for my feets. $40.
  • Comfy shoes.  I’m sporting these Skechers.

How Goes It?
After a week it still feels pretty weird, but I’m feeling more regular everyday.  Haha. My legs and feet are sore, but that’s slowly tapering off.  The first few days were rough.  I shuffle around and lean on my desk periodically to keep the blood flowing.  I am saving 0.2 seconds getting to meetings, so I’ve increased my workplace efficiency by about 0.1%. Aww yeah.

My co-workers are being good sports [to my face] about it.  Secretly behind the scenes I fear I’ve become “You know that guy? Which one? The new guy that stands.  Oh yeah, that guy” that guy.

In all seriousness, I’m enjoying it.  Give it a shot.

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