Record Keeping Is The Mother Of All Defenses

This is the follow up to a previous post, claiming that “Information is the mother of all victories“.  In that post, I posit that the more information you obtain, collect, process and analyze, the more likely you’ll have a successful outcome with that endeavor.  But don’t analyze too much.  Go out and do it.


At the risk of putting words in my father’s mouth, I vaguely recall him imparting sage advice upon me about keeping notes.  It went something like this:  The more documentation you keep, the harder it will be to get screwed”.  Funny how some things just stick with you.  Maybe pops will sound off in the comments.

If you come across any customers in your professional career, keep a record of your contact.  Not because they’re going to screw you, but because you just should.  You know you should.  Your memory is lousy, and children are also known to erase both short-term and long-term memory.

Record keeping is the mother of all defenses. has really easy-to-use email functionality, GoogleDocs is one of my go-to spots, Evernote is worth a shot, and even Excel can be used to keep track.

A note of caution, however.  Just because you have your facts straight, and you know it, doesn’t mean your customer will feel better knowing you set them straight [when they were wrong].  Feelings, not facts, trump when it comes to customer care and communication.  Seth Godin nailed that sentiment here.


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