Snap Judgements Are Okay


Most people here in the Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh area of North Carolina spend too much time in their cars.  I’m no exception, with my daily jaunt ranging from 35 – 60 minutes each way between home and work.

The quiet solitude of a commute can be a welcome opportunity to reflect, learn something, or make completely irrational, off-color, inappropriate snap judgements.

More than I care to admit, I find myself cursing the person who has so blatantly ignored my personal philosophy of driving etiquette [it’s only okay to drive like a jerk if I’m doing it].  I sit there perplexed by the driving too fast, too slow, too close, too far away.  You’re with me on this, right? The same thing happens at work, the grocery store, the kid’s preschool.

What I’ve come to realize is that those momentary flashes of frustration and judgement, which could be brilliantly colored with a string of profanity, are okay.

They’re okay as long as you realize the snap judgements for what they are, a snap judgment, and then you move on.

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