Why Our Startup Went Bust. Part V is Bad Luck.

If you’ve been reading along, I’ve slowly migrated from taking full ownership of going bust to blaming the rest of the world, which I’ll happily do here.

Part I – Execution.  All our fault.
Part II – Goal Setting.  Mostly our fault.
Part III – Timing.  Kind of our fault, but the “market” was against us.
Part IV – Friction.  Okay, pretty much our fault.
Part V – Bad Luck. It’s Not Our Fault.

The bad luck we experienced was pretty exciting.  Some chuckleheads were running a $600,000,000 Ponzi scheme near one of our primary markets.  They got shut down by the Securities and Exchange Commission 3 weeks before our busy season, otherwise known as cash money season.  Huh?  How is that even remotely related?

I’ll let Mitch with the local news tell the story.


It that doesn’t work, watch the video here.

Nothing stains your brand like being confused with a Ponzi scheme with a similar name.  This did not bring us down, but it sure as shit didn’t help.

Just so you know, Part VI will clue you in on a few secrets as to how to handle yourself when you’re going down in flames.  It’s a keeper.  Part VII will reflect upon the multitude of  few things we did right.

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