The Stomach Bug / Lean Startup Analogy

There’s that sinking feeling in your stomach.  It’s not a result of entrepreneurship, but because you have three children who have all come down with the stomach bug for the second time in 30 days.  The fever sets in, the cold sweats, the rumbling.

At this point, making a connection to the “lean startup” movement seems unlikely and unwarranted, but I have a gem for you today.

When you’re at the lowest of lows of the stomach bug, you carefully screen any movement, north or south.  You are diligent to ensure that any new “release” will just be a small test.  Trying to force something large in the market before you’re ready will most likely result in total, complete destruction.  And lots of Clorox wipes. clorox

Well ain’t that the whole premise of the lean startup movement? Small releases, test the market, get the feedback, adapt.   Go big and risk blowing up entirely, wiping up the remnants of your company with Clorox shareholder’s agreement?

Even at my new company of 30 people, hundreds of customers, and millions of app downloads, we still follow this philosophy of small tests.  It makes sense.

Fever induced analogies can be fun.

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