Naked Entrepreneurship

lockerroomAnyone who has ever visited a gym can’t help but notice a not-so-subtle difference in comfort level across the ages.  The younger the person, the more clothed they typically are in the locker room.  Said another way, why do really old dudes insist on complete buck-nakedness?  I’ve confirmed from trusted sources this holds true for the other gender. Two thoughts on why.

  1. At their age, they can do whatever they want.
  2. They just don’t care what other people think.

On the first point, I get it.  On the second point, good for them, bad for everyone else.  To me, it’s like smoking in a restaurant.  Sure, you might be allowed to do it, but it’s pretty much ruining everyone else’s air.  That naked grandfather is making my eyes cough. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I’ll get to the point now, and here comes the dumbest stretch attempted yet.  As a new company entering a new market, you should follow the lead of the octogenarians.  Let it all hang out.  A startup should be sharing [almost] everything with everyone to validate the idea.  At my now defunct company we exposed ourselves quite a bit.  We didn’t share everything, but we felt a lot of the breeze, and got much better advice as a result.


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