What Next?

My wife and I recently attended a wedding in Harwich, MA, a Cape Cod community.  We left the kids with the grandparents and were surrounded by friends, New England charm, and ample supplies of beverages and lobster.


Have you ever noticed that when you connect with friends you haven’t seen in years, and you connect with one too many beverages, that you become a great philosopher and cultural observer?  All we are…is dust…in the wind…dude.

I had such a moment, just past midnight at Ember’s Pizza.

Our friend has been at the same job for 5 years.  He’s chugging along, so I asked “What next?”.  He had no idea.  And then I asked myself that question.  I’m in the middle of my previous “what next”, working a new job after giving the startup life 14 months.  But I don’t have a great idea what’s really next, even though I’m in the middle of something I’m really enjoying.  I just get this feeling that having a “what next” would be helpful.

Smells a lot like goal setting…

Seth Godin recently wrote a post on “How Long Between Leaps“, which states this in a different and more elegant way.  Plan and initiate the change, instead of getting caught off-guard by it.  Choice quote:

How often do we say, “three months from today, I will be doing something totally different than I’m doing now?”

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