You Fought For Me? Really?

I’ve spent most of my life selling. I’ve been on the receiving end of some great and some not-so-great sales training.  The great training has forever tainted my view on bad sales expressions, tactics, techniques, and everything in between.

epicfightDuring a recent email volley, a sales person upset that no deal would be happening commented “I fought for you”.  Roughly translated for the non-sales people out there, this means the sales person had to bring together all the senior executives, the board, all other employees, the customer council, and the local community to fight for that price.  Once convened, an epic duel ensued amongst all stakeholders.  Friend against friend.  Sister against brother. The world was divided. “We can’t offer that price…that’s insane.  We’ll go broke!” Ever see the scene from Anchorman where every local news station in San Francisco battles it out? That’s what happens when a sales person “fights” for you.

In the end, my rep triumphed, and delivered a great price.  Then I crushed those dreams with “Not now…no budget”.

I’ve used the “fought for you” line in past sales jobs.  Now that I’m on the receiving end I see how ridiculous it is. You really didn’t fight for me.  I know this.  You know this.  Yes, I appreciate the gesture and the flexibility.  That’s not unnoticed. Overall I had a great experience with this rep.  I’m nitpicking because I’ve been there, too.

But really, I don’t care about YOU [the collective “you”] and what you did for me.  I care about me.  I wish I had that budget to spend. Promise.

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