Small Details That Make a Difference

fancycookiesThis is the next-to-last post of this informal series on hosting a Customer Advisory Council.  Incredible reading awaits you in the four previous posts.  Click on the Product Management tag and dive in.

Listed below are a few small details that made a big difference in how the event functioned and how attendees perceived it.

  • Technology by exception.  We asked everyone to only open up laptops or iPads during specific breaks, or for emergency putting-out-fires cases.  Everyone was present, and in the moment.  It worked.
  • Frequently scheduled breaks to get the tech fix.
  • Company swag – nice polo shirts and jackets.
  • Refreshments waiting in their hotel rooms.  Snapple, water, snack bar, Gatorade.
  • Using a travel agency to arrange flight details. Delegating this responsibility was fantastic!
  • Holding a Retrospective each day.  We all jotted down ideas for what was Good, Bad, and Try for next time.  We concluded the meeting armed with great ideas for the next Advisory Council.

The final post will wrap up everything nicely with my lessons learned.




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