Fighting Misery

whirl_pool_seaWhen working at a startup, or any job, and everything seems to be catching on fire, a giant whirlpool of misery can emerge.  This natural force attempts to take the pain you’re feeling at work, and suck the enjoyment out of every other positive element in your life.

A rough day at work a few weeks ago reminded me of the dark days of a startup, when everything is absolutely bat-shit crazy, and you’ve got 2 weeks of cash left in your savings account.  A voice slowly creeps in to your mind, and  attempts to make you view everything else in your life as miserable.  “You can’t have fun this weekend, your work sucks right now, so everything else should suck, too.”

There is an easy fix with a simple mantra.  “Screw it. I’ll enjoy this moment right now, misery be damned.”

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