Small Pat on the Back For Goal Setting

patonthebackAround this time last year, our family decided not to set New Year’s resolutions.  Instead, we opted to set a monthly calendar appointment.  The theory was that we would look at everything we wanted to accomplish over the next 30 days, and then get it done.  Sprinkled in were also a few noble goals of things to accomplish by the end of the year.

The items ranged from the mundane [get our wills done], to keeping in touch with family [FaceTime and Skype], to planning vacations and date nights.

Our success rate was probably only 50% in getting things done, but we certainly got more “done” this year than ever before.  At the very least, we had an idea of where we were headed because we met monthly to talk about it.  For that, we are giving ourselves a small pat on the back.

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