Introduction to Startup Marketing – First Define “Marketing”

marketingdefinitionToday we embark upon an ambitious experiment to document everything I’ve learned [and continue to learn] about startup marketing.  A great first step in any project is defining what you’re actually talking about.  What is startup marketing?  Specifically, what should marketing be at a tech startup?

Marketing means many things to many people, and can encompass literally hundreds of different marketing types, nuances, nooks, and crannies.

My simplest definition of startup marketing: Create more sales at a lower cost.  

That’s it.

Everything you do is a means to that end – branding, awareness, social media campaigns, email campaigns, webinars, customer calls, collateral, whatever.  A startup marketer’s job is to reduce friction in the sales cycle to make it easier for people to find, evaluate, and buy your product, then remain a loyal customer.

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