The Twin Win of Surveys for Startup Marketing

We continue today with our ongoing series of startup marketing. One of the most insanely effective techniques is the SURVEY.  Specifically, you are seeking answers to questions that you, your chosen industry, your customers, and your customers’ industry want to know.  I don’t mean a customer satisfaction survey.

Twins separated at birth?
Twins separated at birth?

Something about the phrase “win-win” implies d-baggery to me. Instead, I like to think that surveys create a twin win.  Having boy/girl twins warps your mind into a constant state of twin-dom. Plus, it’s fun to say really fast. Twinwin.  Twinwin. Twinwin.

Surveys deliver a twin win because:

  1. They provide immediate feedback that will alter and/or affirm your product direction.
  2. They provide tons of content for your marketing team. A single survey should generate a webinar, a whitepaper, numerous blog posts, lotsa tweets, industry coverage, press release.

We will thoroughly enjoy ourselves over the next few weeks as we catalogue the building, development, and execution of a survey.   Let’s begin with the most important piece of any new campaign…

What the heck do we actually want to accomplish with a survey? Is it…

  • Lead generation for the sales team?
  • Industry press coverage?
  • Product development clarity?
  • All the above?

More than likely, you’ll want some of each element. Picking a primary focus will change how your structure your survey, the questions you ask, and how you present the results.

Pick your focus, now pick your goal: 200 new leads, 5 articles written, webinar with 50 attendees.  Excellent.

Here’s where we’re headed next:

  • Building the questions
  • Choosing the right survey tools
  • Selecting the audience
  • Interpreting the data
  • Presenting the data
  • Repurposing the content
  • Spreading the word

By the time we wrap this up, you’ll be a professional amateur at conducting surveys and I’ll have blogged my way to a book.  Twin win!


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