Asking For Permission Vs. Posing

IoTfridgeWe’re one week away from the second RIoT Meetup. The Raleigh Internet of Things group casts a wide net to anyone working in, interested in, or hoping to be in the business of getting inanimate objects on speaking terms with each other.

The group grew in size and scope since our first event in June 2014.  With help from my pal Larry at the Wireless Research Center of NC, we’ve added sponsors, new speakers, and upgraded the venue to the swanky and boisterous HQ Raleigh.

In late May, our company was dabbling with beacons, little devices that can wake up an app on your phone and (in theory) add value to your life. I saw a West Coast IoT meetup scheduled, and in a rash move, decided to schedule our own Research Triangle Park version of that.

Here’s where I struggle.

  • I work in mobile, about as bleeding edge for tech as you can get, but not involved in the day-to-day of IoT.
  • Many RIoTers have been in IoT for a decade. I’m a newcomer.
  • I’m leading a Meetup where I have little industry expertise.

On one level it feels like posing, pretending to be something you’re not. My post here is a half-assed attempt to acknowledge this shortcoming.

On a different level, who gives a shit? No one needs permission to start a company, start a band, start a Meetup, start a church, start a new product, or do something creative.

Okay, I feel better now.

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