The Daily Uncertainty of Startups

not my sister
not my sister

I think there’s a fallacy that larger companies know exactly what they’re going to do, when they’ll do it, and exactly how.  Perhaps by the time the orders come down the line to the lower-totem-pole people, it feels that way.  The reality is that we’re all guessing, but hopefully with some magical blend of intuition, experience, and data to make it a smart guess.

Having worked at small companies for the last four years, you live and breathe uncertainty every single day.  In fact, you must embrace it in order to enjoy yourself. The idea that you’ll have a crystal clear plan to grow your business is rubbish.

If you know precisely, god bless you.  You are the exception, and you remind me of the college student who knows exactly what they’ll major in, then they go do it, and then they love it.

My sister, the female Indiana Jones, is like this.  She studied art conservation in college, heads up the Egyptian museum at U. of Michigan, and is on her way to Egypt for a two week dig.

The rest of us? Make your best (informed) guess, do it, then move on.  This blog post by Jason Cohen lays it out nicely.

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