Passion Evolves

I recently over heard an early twenties fitness coach at the local YMCA. In his conversation he remarked “I realized I’m passionate about helping people achieve fitness goals…”

Or something like that.

If you’d asked me what I was passionate about in my twenties: music.  Yes, I loved playing music.  Unfortunately my ability to have a music career was limited by inability to make money doing it.

If you ask me today what I’m passionate about: family time, being outside, exercise, becoming a better communicator and story teller, mobile tech.

The struggle here is this semi-unachievable idea of pursuing a career in something you’re passionate about.  If you’re able to achieve this, well done.  You are the exception to the norm.  For the rest of us, we battle through trial and error to eliminate jobs and tasks that suck and focus on the ones we enjoy.  Finding out that I really enjoy working in mobile tech took four jobs, a startup, and business school, and spanned more than a decade.

In twenty more years I hope and expect that I’ll have new passions to follow: Miata enthusiasts, water aerobics, bonsai tree sculpting while mentoring karate students…who knows?  Passion evolves, doesn’t it?


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