How Do You Know When To Pivot?

Not quite product-market fit
Not quite product-market fit

This is the easiest part of making a pivot; deciding that you need to. It’s not really that easy, but it’s easier than the rest of the process, so we’ll keep it short & sweet.

(1) You’re losing customers faster than you can replace.  Startup buzzword enthusiasts call this losing product/market fit.

(2) You can’t get enough or any of your free beta customers to start paying.  Your product may not fit the market, or your business model needs tweaking.

(3) Your product can’t get any customers at all.  Your product never fit the market to begin with.

The hard part of knowing when to pivot is knowing WHEN TO ACTUALLY BEGIN making the major shift in your business.  Every situation is different.  I’ll share our experiences in coming posts.

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