Your Company Pivot Is A Movie Montage

Next up in this series on living through a pivot, we look in the rearview mirror.  Let’s jump back to early 2014.

Our business of building news, weather, and sports apps for TV stations matured, and reached the end of its lifespan.  We had time to figure out a new path, but not much, and were batting around dozens of ideas on what to do next.

I remember at least 5 brainstorming sessions, a mini-hack day or two, and a walk through downtown.  Yes, in attempting to figure out new ideas for the digital and mobile ecosystem, we strolled the physical world.  Attempting to spark creativity out of nowhere can yield a fruit or two, but the best insights frequently come when you least expect, and when you’re not plugging away at a routine.

We were looking for cues of any kind.  It’s not that we expected to discover an entirely new business model as we sauntered down Glenwood Ave, but rather to begin a chain reaction of thinking and discussing new possibilities.  Once you find that, articulating a solvable problem to test against a business model becomes a little easier.  A little.

Now, as I think back upon that time, all of those discovery sessions blend together like a movie montage.  Strolling down memory lane is much more pleasant if we throw in a little Hungry Eyes (for all you Dirty Dancing fans) or Let’s Hear It For the Boy (from the real Footloose, not that shitty remake).

PS – I walk around the office like this, all day.

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