A Thought For Friday: Why It’s Okay For “Monday”

Can openers are more fun than work.

Every now and then you’ll find an article somewhere that says you should be overjoyed to come to work on Monday.  The idea is that you love your work so much, how could you possibly be a little bummed when you plop yourself down in your cube, with fluorescent lights blaring upon your face, and a slew of “did you hit your goals” meetings coming up.

Kudos to those people who crush Mondays.  I dream of conquering life in the way that you are.

I really enjoy working for our company.  I really enjoy my work.  But there’s no way that my enjoyment for work can compare to the good times of the weekend.

  • Cooking pancakes with the kids.
  • Biggest-splash-ever contest at the pool.  My “can opener” is legendary.
  • Socializing with friends and staying up late until 11pm.  Whew!
  • Riding bikes.
  • Paddling kayaks.
  • Date night.
  • Visit to a friend’s lake house.

It’s okay to “come down” from that.

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