Expert, Until Proven Otherwise

The past year I’ve met a lot of new people. When you meet someone for the first time, human natures forces you to start forming an opinion of this person. Do they think like me? Dress like me? Act like me?

I found myself judging people incorrectly if they didn’t sync closely with my view of the world. Completely irrational, but a knee jerk reaction I couldn’t stop.

The fix I’m testing: treat everyone as an “expert” until they prove otherwise. I don’t know in what field they are an expert, but there’s 100% chance they’re more knowledgeable than me about something.  On a few occasions, new people I’ve met have proven to be knuckleheads, but the vast majority are not knuckleheads. Until that point of knucklehead proof, thinking of someone as an expert helps reduce the judginess.

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