The Selfish Fan

We’ve all suffered through it: the selfish fan. The person at the basketball, baseball, football, or futbol game. The one who hurls insults repeatedly at the refs, who yells louder and longer than everyone else, who screams obscenities, who becomes so angered their face reddens, brow furrows, and spittle flies.

Live sports events create and stimulate emotion and reaction. That’s what makes them so enjoyable and thrilling to attend. At some point, however, over-reacting becomes less about your emotion, and more about the person delivering it. The need for attention.

Look at me. I’m important because I’m angry, loud, obscene, aggressive.

We attended a basketball game. One fan sitting directly in front of us, yelled an elongated “brrrrriiiiiiiiick” during the hushed moment of a foul shout. Hahaha! Everyone had a chuckle, despite cheering for the wrong team.

He then repeated this chant for each repeating foul shout. All 15 of them. Fans from both sides shot him frustrated glares after the third outburst.

I festered in my annoyance. I dreamt of dousing water on his head to shut him up, or shoving him in the back. Doing what any rationale person would do, I decided to passive aggressively write about it instead.

It didn’t help his team, didn’t hurt ours, it just drew attention to himself. Selfish.

The best part about being at the game was the people. That was also the worst part.

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