The Power of a Pointed Question

I spent 3 days of back-to-back meetings at a conference recently. We pitched, we listened.

By far the best questions I received were from my final meeting of the show. While delivering my normal feature-benefit shtick, this Chief Revenue Officer honed in.

Exactly how long have you been doing this?

Exactly how much revenue are your customers generating as a result of this data?

Tell me specifically how they’re using this data…

Not only was she paying attention, she immediately got to the most salient points.

Most of our other conversations at the show meandered around the edges. Now that I think about it, a big chunk of daily conversations never get to the point.

Sometimes that’s intentional – you don’t always need to be right, make your point, or reach a conclusive answer.

For professional conversations, I think I’d rather ask, and be asked, the pointed questions. Lesson learned.

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