Weird Ways To Keep Time

toothclockWhenever I’m at the dentist, I ponder what I was doing 6 months ago. With my blue bib on and my gaze averted to avoid the blinding light, I think back.

What was going on with the kids? What was happening at work? Did we do anything fun?

Having a mark half way through the year proves to be an interesting reflection point. Alas, I’ve never written anything down…until now!  Here’s what’s happening:

  • Work is going well. We spent 2014 on fire, 2015 building a new product, and 2016 building the market for it. At the start of 2017 we’ve got the flywheel turning.
  • The kids want tons of stuff for Christmas.
  • I’m training for the winter races I enjoy doing. Lots of mountain biking and trail running.

I also have a strange compulsion to mark the passage of time by marking when my shampoo bottle runs dry.

Weird ways to keep time.

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