Ask More Questions

Do you have kids? They’re amazing and terrible. There are numerous studies from reputable, non fake, sources that show kids will ask so many questions and push so many buttons that they’ll figure something out better and faster than adults. Like iPads and Minecraft. They’re not afraid of asking questions or making mistakes by hitting the wrong button.

The downside is that they ask so many questions they drive you insane.

[There’s a cognitive dissonance that occurs as a parent when you tell your kids to stop asking so many questions but want them to always remain curious and ask more questions. Your head explodes.]

I heard a story today about a company whose own employee embezzled serious loot. He figured out how to divert their website’s advertising revenue from the company’s bank account to his own. The management team saw discrepancies, asked a few questions, and was satisfied with the answer.

Hamburglar5 months later they finally asked more questions, then figured out that a Digital Hamburglar was on staff.

I can count on both hands the times the past 12 months that I’ve seen something that looked weird, and took the first answer, but should have probed deeper and harder. The key is going both deep and hard. Watch out.

Ask more questions. I’ve regretted asking too few.


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