Cocktails & Sandwiches

cocktails-dreamsCocktails and sandwiches. Not to be confused with “Cocktails & Dreams”, perhaps the best cocktail bar ever conceived.

No, we’re referring to a mysterious universal force, initially brought to my attention by my thoughtful spouse.

“A sandwich tastes better when someone else makes it for you”. Quite true. The same can be said for cocktails: the margarita, the Old Fashioned, the G&T, it doesn’t matter.

Why is that?

There’s a tremendous amount of satisfaction in DIY: completing a Lego set your kids got for Christmas that you put together because it was fun, building your own patio, changing that flat tire. You look back at your work, reflect for a moment on your ingenuity and persistence, and feel proud for contributing something meaningful. But…

There’s a trace of intrigue, a wisp of romance, an element of mystery when someone else makes something for you, even though you know all of the ingredients that make the sausage.

Many times the hand of an expert and a trained eye wields that extra flavor. Sometimes it’s the act of kindness, making someone else a sandwich, that adds a savory kick.

There’s a business lesson or life analogy in here somewhere…



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